September 26, 2014

8 Years in the Making

Today my husband and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. Somehow that still blows me away: 8 years as man and wife, 8 years of a love story, 8 years of growth and lots of change! I have always loved our wedding photos, but it wasn’t until AFTER our lives changed so much that these images really became important… these photographs are among the few that we have to remember those who have moved on from this life (Derek’s dad, my mom and one of our greatest friends, Ed). Their smiles, their presence… they live on within these photos. You see – photography is so much more than just a really beautiful bouquet shot or some fancy composition of a bride and groom… photography is time, frozen and preserved! It’s ALL that’s left when the memories start to fade… each face, each interaction, each tear… a photograph takes it all and saves it for you for eternity. After 8 years of marriage, I look at these photos and I don’t notice my makeup, or my body, or my florals… I only see the love and the people, the most important things in our lives. I hope you enjoy looking through them and reminiscing with Derek and I as we celebrate 8 years as husband and wife! And thank you, to each couple that I have worked with, for allowing me the honor of documenting memories like these for your wedding day :) I am so humbled!


A huge thank you to our wonderful friend of 16 years, Erin, who documented our wedding day :) We are forever grateful to you, friend!

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